6KU Aluminum Single Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike Review

The capability to go from 1 spot to another with ease and quicker has ever been the desire and fantasy of guys because days immemorial. That's the reason why the burden of the desire and desire has driven inventors and men to look for the best methods for accomplishing this as human imagination has continued to unfold from 1 creation to another. One of their most significant tools that contemporary human attempts have made to attain the ideal mentioned above is your bike.

By the time they were devised in the 19th century, both bicycles have stayed an essential instrument of transport in the lifestyles of women and men who cherish and appreciate them as resources for freedom, exercise and athletic too. The women and men of the day are fans of bikes, and the biking experience is among those things that most of them want to cling to in their day to day lives.

Whether they're biking for recreation or commuting to their workstations or seeing their friends, cycling remains an essential action in the lives of many contemporary women and men in towns and at the countryside’s. That's why using a version that's crafted using the universal female and male requirements and delight in the concentrate is a step in the ideal direction for the achievement of any grave bicycle maker.

It's considering the aforementioned that 6KU, a rising name at the bicycle manufacturing business, made this fantastic fixed gear bicycle to integrate all of the elements of lightness, convenience, pride, and style all wrapped up in this beautiful machine from the title of 6KU Track Fixed Gear Bicycle. 

This is a machine which is included with unusual characteristics that are meant to accommodate the biking needs of entry riders who might not desire or are just not able to spend an excessive amount of money on a bicycle.

6KU Aluminum Single Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike review

6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike
  • 1 1/8 inch metal forks
  • 30mm deep elbow double wall metal wheels using a flip-flop hub
  • Bolts and string were appropriately lubricated
  • Welds seem very Large quality
  • Handlebar grip tape has a while for this
  • The visual look is top quality. The matte black is both great and uniform looking
  • Structure was simple, and there are little manual markers in a few areas to help with setup and alignment
  • Pedals are reasonably inexpensive and Big.
  • Wheel reflectors are wobbly

Solid Manufacturing Quality Control

There's been a great deal of discussion on how production place could impact the grade of the final product. And, we have discovered that it is right to a degree of course. What we've found is that the majority of producers in the current day and age usually produce their bicycles out the USA.

Solid Manufacturing Quality Control

Our experience with working together with the newest for a long time has directed us to conclude that the 6KU fixie is generated with excellent, exceptional control. The 6KU fixed gear bicycle has had within our experience some of the cheapest production defect rates across all of the bicycles we sell.

We have sold a lot of brands before, and we are not suggesting that additional brands are produced with small quality. Other firms that we have discovered that also do an exceptional job with quality management is your State Bicycle Co. manufacturer and several more. Further down the guide, we'll explore how they show the confidence in their products by offering clients with a good guarantee.

While we can't criticize them for making that choice, we do occur to appreciate the simple fact that 6KU has attempted to create their merchandise right here from the U.S. more especially, in California.

6 KU Fixie Is Easy To Assemble

A self-explanatory name. The assembly procedure for this bike is beautiful and easy to follow for beginners. Furthermore, there's always support on standby should you ever happen to want any help. You still have the choice to bring it to your bicycle shop if you're going to receive it constructed by a specialist.

6 KU Fixie Is Easy To Assemble

An excellent guide will be given with the bicycle to make the meeting easier. Moreover, the bike comes about 90% constructed, so the conference is not too tough. A whole lot of bikes nowadays comes 90% assembled along with the 6KU fixie is not any different in that respect.

Making assembly simpler and more compact has always been a target for manufacturers and online retailers to create the job of putting together the bicycle a much less daunting task (and creating the choice to buy online progressively more straightforward and straightforward).

Wide Selection Of Styles & Sizes

To get a bicycle to be regarded as one of the "greatest" in its area supplying the customer with the selection of numerous sizes and colors is vital. No customer likes to be restricted in their choice, but then again we know that too many choices can be overwhelming at times for its active customers in the modern world. Yet, we think that the 6KU fixie lineup is a good lineup that caters to many fixie buyer’s needs.

Wide Selection Of Styles & Sizes

If you want to find a more thorough look at what dimensions would be perfect for you, click any picture below that will show you a more comprehensive chart advocating you the right size. Additionally, to showcase our purpose in how 6KU tries to appeal to the customers’ needs best it may, we are going to share with you a few of the styles available now.

Lightweight Design

Our Track Frames are created with aluminum and are perfected with natural to the touch welds. Besides its aluminum frame, the Flip Flop Hubs builds our Track Bikes a monster whether you are riding stationary equipment or freewheel.

Smooth & Comfortable Ride

Any bicycle that's worth being known as among the greatest needs to offer you an adequate ride into the rider. The trip is here due to its completely tig-welded hi-tensile steel framework. This framework assists the bicycle to absorb road vibrations and lumps and smoothens out the journey to you.

In summary, the 6KU fixie the charm and comfort of this ride has always been and always will be an integral selling point for these bicycles.
Smooth & Comfortable Ride

Presently a drawback with a steel framework is they are more substantial than their aluminum counterparts (and naturally carbon and so on). However, a number of the high-quality steel frames aren't that much thicker, and they provide quite smooth rides.

Nowadays most eyeglasses are not too much thicker than their aluminum counterparts, even however.

But we have any promotions running for this bike if you want to look it over.

Hassle Free Warranty

Our offices can be found in constantly sunny California and our staff is always a telephone call away. We've got a lifetime guarantee on our bicycles if whatever is faulty, we have got you covered.

Filling the missing links in 6KU Track Fixed Gear Bicycle

After going through a thorough coverage of the numerous advantages and disadvantages of the bike, it's vital that you take a small break and have an objective look at the couple missing links within this bike bicycle. But, these links that are missing aren't a hint this track bike has to be rubbished or thrown off.

Filling The Missing Links In 6KU Track Fixed Gear Bicycle

The most important reason behind us carrying this essential and objective protection of those missing links would be to allow you to know that the bicycle has flaws which may be fixed because you create innovative strides from an entry-level monitor bicycle towards the next degree of a trail bike. As soon as you've learned how to correct these few missing connections, it is possible to proceed to relish every advantage and benefit that we've covered in the previous sections.

  • The chair of this bicycle is constructed from faux leather, and it isn't too comfortable especially for long tail driving. But you can replace the saddle using a much better and more comfortable one.
  • Because of the tightness of this framework, it's sometimes possible for the feet to reach on the front wheel when you're riding in a meager rate. But you can get over this tiny problem by making sure that your bicycle is adequately lubricated.

User review


If you are considering picking up one sped/fixit bicycle on a budget that is a fantastic thing. After owning this bike is to buy a much better front bicycle for some reason that came with mine kept coming from the wheel. Simple fix, excellent bike worth every penny I'm quite delighted with 6ku and town grounds.


After having this bike for approximately two months and placing it through the ringer, I could honestly say this bike is well worth the investment it is incredibly lightweight, and rate capacities make it a must-have. Only the inventory parts are sufficient to keep up with the vets in their own $1000 bikes. My preferred color of the bike is your burgundy. You won't find this color of crimson on any other bike on the market. The welds are caliber work. I'd only make 1 or 2 two replacements, but it's just based on my tastes. From beating and climbing into an easy commute, this bicycle will get you there using pace and fashion.

6KU Aluminum Single Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike Review

Final Thoughts

The one thing you're likely to be concerned about is that the brake pads, as somebody else stated. If you don't understand how to use your brakes correctly, please replace the pads until you kill your self. Ideally, if you're purchasing this bike for stationary equipment (which somebody has stated this bicycle has a crappy cog for this), then you'll be taking off the brakes. It will.

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