Bell Super 2 Bike Helmet Review

The Super 2R - that can be found both in the conventional version and be using a MIPS lining that protects against rotational impacts utilizes Bell's highly considered Super 2 helmet because its base but includes a chin shield that clamps firmly in position with three sturdy metal clasps. Three clasps might not seem like a good deal, but with the back one is functioning equally to some ski boot closed along with front two with slipping hook-style straps which fit snugly to the helmet, things feel darn healthy.

This is the material Super 2 was created for. It provides you complete, prolonged protection with lesser back coverage than many of our contest and uncompromising comfort and venting that will assist you to control the climbs. It is packed with technology such as heating overgrow ventilation, a brand-new breakaway camera bracket, and an updated TAG match system which makes dialing in match simpler than ever. And best yet, it's compatible with all the Super 2R eyebrow bar.

Bell Super 2 Bike Helmet Review

Bell Super 2 Bike Helmet - Infrared Small
  • Breakaway Screws
  • Overgrown Ventilation
  • The removable wrist bar Is Excellent If You Would like to mount a camera and also change the helmet, it is easier to use when you take off it and is replaceable, so you could layout multiple mounts
  • Lighter weight than Lots of the additional full-face helmets I analyzed, despite the Additional buckles and mounting factors (which add weights) this item comes in at only 1.61 pounds (only 732 g), and for me, this reduces neck and back strain when riding.
  • A Lot of color options available including a few special editions Star Wars themed layouts, I enjoyed the Stormtrooper design because it's mostly white (good for security, more observable and possibly trendier representing the sun), but the camouflage variant Is Quite cool too.
  • Adjustment for helmet match dimensions might be thinner.


Bell may have been creating helmets for quite a while, but visually that is a departure from the extended run, street lid using a summit-style we've seen previously. The Super has a lower back that makes sense for a whole lot of factors.


The most important one being security, we're riding bicycles which are more useful than ever of covering earth quickly, we are all moving faster. Just examine the racers from the EWS, and you'll observe that trial and endure bikes are fast. Those boys and women wear high heeled lids mostly but we great deal monkeying about of a weekend about the very same bicycles will benefit from some extra protection.

The building of the lid is well thought out using a high-quality finish, it does not quite feel like the liquid In-Mold system Bern utilize but this more conventional use of foam injected to a Polycarbonate casing feels strong. The summit is flexible, it may be pushed directly back to the subject of vision or brought down to obstruct sun.

Bell has now published the Super 2R that incorporates their brand-new chin guard to provide you a complete face helmet predicated on this trail form and for us, it is the best-looking style of its kind following several epics fails from different producers previously. Here are the facts about the Super and the principal reasons why people continue using it.

Padding and Fit

Padding And Fit

As we're blessed with different shaped heads thus getting the ideal fit can be challenging, each producer has their method of adapting the typical casing dimensions. Bell calls the TAG fit system. It is a smooth roller which tightens a first ratchet yanking the inner cage on your mind. Having a finger placed in the trunk, this could be carried out with your thumb significance one-handed operation. It's possible to correct it pedaling, and it is only a neat bit if you're busy getting ready to ride.

The inner padding is focused in the front along with the helmet that makes sense since the retention system tightens your mind forward. Decent soft cushioning is much more cushioned than a few masks which have minimum strips of foam, so overall it is a comfortable fit once tight.


Our testers gave the Super 2 among the cheapest relaxation scores in our evaluation. Despite having a high number of inside pads, the Super two isn't quite as comfy as you'd think by merely looking at it. Match depends heavily on brain contour, but a variety of those testers observed that the super two had rough pressure points.


Among our testers noticed the inclusion of two little closed mobile shims on the interior of our MIPS variant, which resulted in the helmet to match poorly. But our smaller-headed tester believed this model fits better than the original edition. Not one of our other anglers thought that the shims influenced the fit of the helmet.

If relaxation is the top priority, then we advise that you look at this lid, mainly because the A1 is currently available in a few less costly colorways that make it a much better value compared to Super 2.


The Super 2 utilizes an updated variant of Bell's TAG back retention system. The new system is a bit more slimmed down in the model used on the first Super, but it's still comfortable and supplies excellent holding. The TAG structure employs a glued click wheel to adjust the pressure of a semi-rigid ring in the rear of the helmet. We discovered we preferred the texture of this wheel into the older one found on the first Super despite its smaller dimensions.


One small detail, we continuously search for in a biking helmet is locking hardware to correct the fore/aft plane of the chin strap. We have discovered that securing the chin strap in position is a little detail that may make getting out to the road using a correctly adjusted helmet only somewhat quicker and more straightforward. The Super 2 having their most first locking buckles we have seen, although we want the netting that conducted through them was horizontal rather than tight tubular.

The most flexible portion of this Super 2 is your visor that has the biggest assortment of articulation of almost any helmet we have ever worn, half-shell or full-face. We enjoy this feature since it allows goggles to be worn around the front part of the helmet with the visor completely flipped up.

There is not a goggle strap clip in the rear of the helmet. However, if you're in charge of motor design goggles, then they probably have a silicone ring onto the inside of the strap to stop them from slipping. If you do not understand what we're speaking about, look at the Smith Gas Goggle that is among our expert's preferences despite the little cost.



The Super two MIPS is your least ventilated half-shell helmet we have examined. The only helmet which scored lower was that the Super 2R, which further limits are cooling with the accession of this chin guard. But in comparison to a different full-face helmet, therefore the 2R has better venting, but as we mentioned above, it does not give the same amount of security.

The Super two has 23 small vents evenly dispersed around the helmet. This is just two less than the first Super that had 25. Even though they seem fantastic, these vents do not appear to make more variance with this hot helmet.

Added Tackle

Added Tackle

The Super has a couple of features that we have not been able to use but is well worth mentioning. The GoPro bracket slots to the port at the front part of the helmet and utilizes a Velcro strap to hold it in position. The bracket works but it will feel somewhat far forward and whenever you've got a camera at the watertight case the additional weight is much more noticeable than a first mount. That said it is a fantastic feature and it is easy to match your camera also.

Another one is more controversial! Bell provides two goggle strap retainers that match under the screws to the summit. This essentially means that you may lift off the goggles your face and beneath the mountain if you don't desire them.

Useful perhaps but in practice, it is a lot easier to pull down your glasses and flip them around your neck, but it may be helpful for a few people. It is a fashion issue we understand but whatever your take on large eye shields and track planters this one works nicely with lots of distance and a fantastic quantity of surface to get a strap to grip.

Bell Super 2 MIPS Helmet Review

Final Thoughts

Before beginning this review, I had been stolidly skeptical. Employing this helmet, nevertheless, hasn't just persuaded me that the 2R is a fantastic concept, it's made me reconsider what kind of helmet that I need for distinct paths. Most of the time that I could get by using a conventional lid, but with a chin bar provides another layer of security for specialized trails. Eddie agrees.

But in this instance, I concur. The 2R is reshaping the way that riders consider helmets and security, and that's a fantastic thing. The 2R helmet gets a whole lot of focus on the road and begins a whole lot of discussions, and much more surprising, most people remark on how cold it seems. Should you journey chunky, techy paths and want to control tough, the 2R ought to be in your wish list.

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