Best Mountain Bike Under 400

Whether your budget is below $1,000 or less than $400, it is possible to locate a reasonable mountain bicycle for your way of life. Besides cost and manufacturer, one of the highest considerations when searching for a mountain bike is to pick a hardtail or full suspension bicycle.

Unlike complete suspension mountain bikes, hardtails are automatically more comfortable as they do not have pivots or back shocks. Hardtails generally do not wear out as quickly as complete suspension bicycles. They're typically more economical as there are not as many components.

Hardtail mountain bikes usually are lighter and more enjoyable to ride the trails. Full suspension mountain bicycles have many positive attributes such as improved handling and enhanced absorption on paths.

Why Mountain bike

We publish an overview of a beautiful, competent, high-dollar mountain bicycle, at least half a dozen Facebook commenters come out of the woodworks to whine about the fact that the bikes were reviewing cost much cash. They do not take into consideration the fact that, even though they cannot manage a motorcycle.

Why Mountain Bike

This might be the subject of an utterly definite article so that I will leave it at that. But because I have personally spent several years as a broke college student only scraping by. But mountain biking every opportunity I got, I understand what it is like to ride a shoestring budget and it is not straightforward! If you end up in this place for one reason or another, this guide should help you find the most economical mountain bikes available on the market these days.

Modern designs

In the 1980s to the late 2000s, mountain bicycles often had 21, 24, or 27 speeds, together with three gears in the front and 8, 7, or 9 gears in the back wheel.

Modern Designs

Thirty-speed mountain bicycles have been unworkable Since the mud-shedding capacities of a ten-speed cassette, as well as the intricacies of a ten-speed back derailleur, haven’t been appropriate. Nevertheless, many pro-level mountain bikers have taken to having a thinner 10-speed street chain using a 9-speed set up in a bid to decrease the burden of the bicycle. 

In ancient 2009, part group SRAM announced the launch of the XX groups, which utilizes a two-speed leading dérailleur, along with a ten-speed back dérailleur and tape,

very similar to that of a street bicycle. Mud-shedding capacities of the ten-speed XX tape are created suitable for MTB use by extensive CNC machining of this tape. On account of the cost and time involved with this type of product, they have been just geared toward top-end XC-racers.



These angles are measured from the low and radically influence the rider posture and performance qualities of the bike. Mountain bicycle geometry will frequently include a seat tube angle approximately 73 degreesIt uses a head tube angle of anyplace from 60-73 levels.

The planned application of this bicycle affects its geometry quite profoundly. Edges are somewhat more useful for pedaling up hills and also make for better handling. Slacker angles are favored for high rates and downhill equilibrium.



Previously mountain bicycles had a rigid fork and frame. From the early 1990s, the mountain bikes with suspension forks have been introduced. Forks are now available with 8 inches (200 mm) of traveling or more bikes front suspension and stiff, non-suspended back wheels, or hardtails became popular almost instantly.

Though the hardtail layout has the advantages of reduced cost, less maintenance, and better-pedaling efficacy, it's gradually losing popularity as a result of improvements in complete suspension designs.

Merax Finiss 26" Aluminum 21 Speed Mg Alloy Wheel Mountain Bike

Merax Finiss 26" Aluminum 21 Speed Mg Alloy Wheel Mountain Bike

L / R signals are indicated on the spindle of every pedalSo be confident that they're built on the ideal side (if you ride the bicycle, left brake in your left hand, right pedal onto your hand). Thread both pedals to the fold arms as far as possible by hand.

Then fully tighten them together with the wrench. If the brakes aren't entirely repainted, it might get loose and damage the threads. Therefore we are not going to be responsible for these damages.

  • Make sure you read the instructions on the photo before placing your order.
  • Heat Treated Aluminum 6061 Mountain Frame with Lightweight Magnesium Alloy Wheels
  • Advanced Aluminum Mechanical Lock Out Mountain Bike Suspension Fork
  • Shimano 21-speed derailleurs and shifters for reliable shifting
  • Front and rear mechanical disc brakes system

017 Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike with Disc Brakes

Gravity 2020 FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike with Disc Brakes Aluminum Frame

The one recommendation I have would be to replace the tires that have this. Those come with this are a joke if you're genuinely going to go mountain biking my cruiser bicycle had more tread on it.

Thus far I've taken it on a tight technical course a few days. It it's done great and only another day on a few different 2,800 vertical feet paths and has done equally as high as the 1000 bicycles in my group. No difficulties with the fractures or the suspension following these long, demanding rides. 

No issues with loading it on the chairlift a few occasions. If you do get the bicycle there's minimal education to place together. Tube may go quite a distance and after the first couple of rides re-tighten everything because they'll collapse up initially.

  • Disc Brakes Front and Back, powerful and durable aluminum frames
  • Simple to use shimano shifters
  • Flexible Suspension - front and back!
  • No sellers may send wholly assembled bikes. Assembly Required

Best value mountain bike: what should I look for?

The center of any bicycle is the framework. For an MTB under $400, you will generally need to find a structure made from aluminum instead of thicker and more economical steel. The next thing that you want to consider a funding mountain bicycle is the kit which makes it stop and proceed.

Best Value Mountain Bike: What Should I Look For?

The bike has is not the be all and end all, but a more significant amount of gears frequently means smaller measures between changes along with a full tonal selection, which can be quite significant once you're hauling a considerable hill. At $400 or below, with nine gears in the back paired into some crank with three rings up front is perfect, but cheaper bicycles may have only eight in the end.

Getting going is futile unless you can prevent and thankfully most bicycles at this price today arrive with motorcycle-style disk brakes, which provide far greater all-conditions functionality than wheels which use the rim of the motor to prevent.

Brakes which use hydraulic fluid instead of wires are a big and since they need less upkeep and provide more consistent stopping power. If it comes to tires, it is well worth deciding precisely how long you are most likely to be spent riding the bicycle off-road. If you fancy a bike for having to work or very intermittent off-road wear.

Best Value Mountain Bike: What Should I Look For?

Moreover do not fancy the appearances or riding posture of street bicycles or hybrid bicycles then a mountain bike is a fantastic selection, however knobby, appropriate off-road tires can make the going difficult. It is well worth asking if the store does not mind switching the wheels into slicks or hybrid tires which have a mixture of knobbly tread for cornering grip on the border and a flatter center for pedaling speed.

Suspension forks are a big plus when it comes to controlling and relaxation off-road Most forks may cost $400 (or twice that) only independently, the components fitted in this cost may fluctuate wildly in functionality and durability, in addition to the adjustment controller on offer.

While it feels like a downgrade, a rigid (no suspension) fork may be a fantastic alternative on a lesser priced bicycle as the money saved may be used on different regions of the bike which might have a larger impact on functionality.

Best Mountain Bikes Under $400

Final Thoughts

In mountain bicycles under $400, it is hard (if not impossible) to find a complete suspension bike that is any good. Entirely just, it is likely to be considerably more substantial. It is very likely to provide minimal benefit in relaxation or controller - in actuality, quite the contrary as most will lack any damping controller. Imagine riding a hefty pogo stick with wheels. You're going to have pretty much the expertise summed up.

Weight is a specific facet item of budget mountain bikes, something vaguely accurate for mountain bicycles since they have to have the ability to take a beating. Our evaluations will record the burden and the impact it has.

More economical bikes inevitably have a little more effort to get up the hills compared to more costly machines. It is not all bad though - consider how much fitter and quicker you will be receiving.

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