Best Shakeology Flavor

When I composed my very first Shakeology inspection, my main disappointment was that I did not have some Shakeology to test. I could never locate a Beachbody Coach to provide me a couple of samples. 

Well, that all changed once, I had been given a few packs. The individual gave me since she did not enjoy the flavor. I was amazed because Shakeology is indeed heavily promoted, I guessed this stuff would need to taste good. I had been anxious to flavor them. The tastes that I obtained were Green berry and Chocolate.

What is Shakeology?

What Is Shakeology?

Shakeology is a favorite meal replacement shake one of the fitness enthusiasts, particularly weightlifters and bodybuilders. It is popular because it not only includes a healthy dose of nourishment but also, it comprises over 70 superfood ingredients, making it among the very pure protein shakes in the marketplace.

When taken daily, following your exercise or as a meal replacement throughout daily, Shakeology may be used for boosting your energy, assisting you to shed weight, build muscle, meet cravings, and it's been said to help enhance digestion, as crazy as this may seem.

Back in 2009 when Beachbody initially introduced their Shakeology merchandise, it came in 2 flavors: chocolate, also Greenberry (that is green).

Nature's Bounty Optimal Solutions Protein Shake Chocolate

Nature's Bounty Optimal Solutions Protein & Vitamin Shake Chocolate

Nature's Bounty Total Vitamin and Protein Shake Mix is an exciting method to find the nutrients you want most.

Nature's Bounty Optimal Solutions Total Vitamin and Protein Shake Mix is formulated to fit the requirements of the health-conscious woman.

Regardless of your lifestyle, this yummy chocolate shake blend will encourage your search to get the maximum from life. Each serving contains 15 grams of protein and supplies 100 percent daily values of B vitamins. Together with carbohydrates and enzymes, to encourage energy.

  • Supports Energy Metabolism with a Range of B-Vitamins
  • Contains Probioguard proprietary probiotic combination & digestive enzyme mix
  • Supports Immune Health with Vitamins C & D
  • These Statements haven't been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration
  • Fantastic chocolate flavor
  • Taste and texture are equally penalties in plain water. However, there are some clumps to chew over
  • Taste and texture are similar penalties in smoothies
  • The container was just half complete

ViSalus Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix

 ViSalus Vi Shape Nutritional Shake Mix Sweet Cream Flavor | 22oz (1 Bag, 24 servings)

The flavor is excellent and that I blend with skim milk as the protein material is little despite all the two scoops. It blends well and does not possess a gritty texture. 

The sweet vanilla taste enables me to be more creative when making smoothies pretty much all fruits taste good by it. I enjoy it independently with no additional nuts too.

It's a reasonably good deal for what you buy, but notice it takes two scoops to your greater protein content. It's useful in keeping me complete between meals.

  • Low sodium, fat, sugar
  • Complete Benefits of Fiber.
  • Specially processed to get rid of fat, flaxseed, and carbs for every one of those proteins.
  • Isoflavone free so It Doesn't promote estrogen action.
  • I think that it tastes quite good even with no mix-ins.
  • This yummy bag of compounds works
  • Pretty good things
  • Did I mention it is a bag of substances?

IdealShake, Meal Replacement Shake

IdealShake, Meal Replacement Shake, Chocolate, w/ Hunger Blocker, 30 Servings

The truth is that in case you cannot block your appetite, control your cravings, or lower your calories you won't ever can eliminate the weight which you wish to. The fantastic news is there is a remedy, and it is so straightforward and delicious you will want to sip it through a straw!

By substituting a couple of meals every day with a healthy and satisfying Ideal Shake, you will accelerate your weight loss towards these goals you have been pushing.

Besides feeling more fulfilled between meals, you are going to be nourishing the body using all-whey fiber, protein, and 20-21 minerals and vitamins. All these dessert-like shakes can make you feel like you're cheating on your diet plan, though you're eating dinner healthy!

  • The proprietary, hunger-blocking mix and 11-12g of high-quality whey protein help control cravings and hunger to get up to 3 hours
  • You can enjoy dessert-like weight loss shakes daily, and you'll prevent that deprivation feeling ordinary with diets and healthy eating
  • They're suitable to get an on-the-go way of life!
  • Less expensive than diets
  • May be used with water, therefore no need to consume along and securely store milk
  • Vanilla taste makes a Nice smoothie when combined with fruit and juice
  • A Few of the flavors are reasonably tasty, even with plain water
  • One shake prevents me from becoming hungry for 4 hours
  • More expensive than diets

Chocolate - Beachbody 3 Day Refresh with Shakeology | Alternative to Liquid Fasts | Superfood-Packed

Vegansmart Plant Based Organic Protein Powder by Naturade, All-in-One Nutritional Shake - Chocolate Fudge (14 Servings)

If you have done a juice fast or an all-liquid cleanse that is high in sugars and low in proteins, then you might have discovered that you just felt weak and lazy. And any weight reduction came back. The 3-Day Refresh is designed to do precisely the contrary. 

It cleanses and exfoliates while encouraging your metabolism using easy-to-prepare, healthy whole food to assist your organs re-energize. 

That is why you feel great once you perform the Refresh, and, get rid of weight at precisely the same moment! Your body works more effectively. Also, it helps burn off fat.

For three times you will adhere to a schedule of 3 shakes per day, a fiber drink, lots of filtered water, and a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and beneficial fats during the day to maintain your energy and metabolism moving.
  • 3-Day Refresh is your Healthier Alternative to Display Fasts
  • Specially formulated shakes and digestive beverages for 3-day Outcomes
  • Easy-to-prepare clean snacks and meals That Will Help You Drop a few pounds quickly
  • Helps you kick better nourishment habits
  • The app is simple to follow, with step-by-step details.
  • Shakeology shakes are likely the best-tasting protein shakes I have had.
  • Unlike juice cleanses, you may eat food while with this cleansing. Pretty much veggies but FOOD.
  • It was a fantastic reminder that vegetables taste great with no inclusion of carbohydrates or too much seasoning.
  • The fiber beverage was nasty and did not function at all for me. I had been bloated the Whole time
  • An overview of those various Shakeology flavors available now

A review of the different Shakeology flavors available today

• Chocolate Shakeology Flavor

This is potentially the most popular Shakeology taste. Having gone through a string of updates since its first launch, this merchandise has just gotten better.

Chocolate Shakeology Flavor

Chocolate Shakeology is for you if you love great chocolate tastes. Lots of individuals do. It's thicker and much smoother compared to other Shakeology flavors.

Chocolate Shakeology is healthy and sweet as it includes all fresh, fantastic ingredients which are located at another Shakeology taste.

This Shakeology flavor could be mixed with other juices or fruits to make delicious tastes.

• Greenberry Shakeology Flavor

As its name implies, this taste is described as natural and earthy. It's combined with natural flavors of wheat, grass, and organic herbs extracts. Users may present their juices and fruits to the mix to make it more productive.

Greenberry Shakeology Flavor

Many people today find this flavor appealing; others can't stand it. Greenberry includes a taste alongside green tea.

• Vanilla Shakeology Flavor

This taste has been introduced a couple of years back owing to customers need. It's said that the producers had difficulty developing a pure all-natural vanilla flavor. Following three decades of committed research, consumers are now able to locate vanilla roasted Shakeology.

Vanilla Shakeology Flavor

A lot of individuals have discovered a vanilla taste attractive. Vanilla Shakeology is creamy and smooth. It's a mild taste of vanilla and can be readily altered with other berry extracts.

• Tropical Strawberry Shakeology

In case you've got a feeling for sweet tastes, then tropical cherry is the perfect taste for you. The sweet flavor of the Shakeology makes it ideal for those who'd love to personalize their shakes by mixing them with added fruits or juices.

Tropical Strawberry Shakeology

On the reverse side, tropical strawberry Shakeology includes a grainy texture. Efforts are made to enhance its feel, but it still cannot compare to the vanilla taste.

• Café Latte Shakeology Flavor

Café Latte premiered in 2016, which is only one of those bestselling Shakeology flavors available on the market nowadays. The health advantages of café latte Shakeology are much like those of different tastes; the sole distinction is the fact that it's been spiced up with a whole coffee taste; this usually means you receive the health benefits of java too.

Café Latte Shakeology Flavor

Café latte Shakeology taste has; a mild coffee taste and a smooth feel. If you're a black coffee enthusiast, it's still possible to add more coffee within this Shakeology to satisfy your desired taste.

• Chocolate Vegan Shakeology Flavor

Steak curry taste is created of cocoa. The outcome is a moderate chocolate flavor. When blended with justice and water, this Shakeology taste is a lot smoother when compared to Tropical Strawberry Vegan Shakeology.

Chocolate Vegan Shakeology Flavor

Chocolate Vegan Shakeology could be mixed with other juices, but it nevertheless has a fantastic flavor by itself. A lot of men and women love this taste, and a few claims to have it for breakfast.

Health Features

Health Features
  • Shakeology-brand Here would be the exceptional features and benefits of all Shakeology:
  • Shakeology nourishes a complete meal with no time and effort necessary to prepare a traditional meal.
  • Shakeology will offer noticeable detox effects which will cause you to feel fuller, alert, and energized. Besides providing your body more nourishment inside the shake, your own body will even accommodate to greater absorption of nutrients from the other foods during the day.
  • According to a study, typically, women and men in the united states consume additional calories daily. By substituting a meal with Shakeology, then you're preventing over-consumption for this meal. Additionally, the ingredients at Shakeology help reduce food cravings that are going to keep you satisfied longer and additionally decrease caloric intake through the day.
  • Increased digestion can allow you to feel lighter and decrease tension in the gut that's frequently due to insignificant ingestion levels. The components are accessible on the digestive tract, and overall the amount consumed with Shakeology is lower than using a healthy meal.
  • Nutrients at Shakeology help enhance overall cardiovascular health and decrease levels of unhealthy cholesterol.
  • Like with any healthful diet full of nourishment, over time you'll discover that your head is more transparent and much more awake. Your emotional attention will improve, and you'll feel much more present in your ordinary life.

Choose Your Supply

Choose Your Supply

Shakeology Convenience Pack

This package includes 24 single servings of your favorite Shakeology tastes, ideal for busy individuals on-the-go. Maintain packets in your auto, office desk, bag, and gym tote it mixes up fast and, so you don't ever need to get enticed by unhealthy food choices. Select one taste or mix this up using a combo package containing around three deliciously pleasant flavors.

30-Day-Supply Bags

All of Shakeology tastes can be found in cheap luggage containing a 30-day supply. Keep it on hand in your kitchen and whip up a yummy, wholesome shake every time daily. You can choose one Shakeology taste or alternative flavors for Extra number from month to month

Shakeology Taste Test (What's the verdict?!)


The vanilla & chocolate tastes are my choices for the best Shakeology shakes. The best thing about those two tastes is that they can conveniently be combined with different things promptly. 

The yummy chocolate shake is begging to be mixed with peanut butter or banana. The vanilla will be terrific with a few strawberries or blueberries.

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