Does Motorbike Need Mirrors for Mot

No, a motorcycle does not need mirrors for MOT. The only time a motorcycle mirror would be required is if the bike has been modified and now has blind spots. If a motorbike did have mirrors they would have to be well maintained and unobstructed.

No, motorbikes do not need mirrors for motoring. However, they are required to have at least one mirror while stopped on a public road.

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Do You Need Mirrors on a Motorcycle to Pass Mot Uk?

No, you do not need mirrors on a motorcycle to pass MOT UK.

Can You Have No Mirrors on a Motorcycle?

There’s no law against it, but we don’t recommend it. Here’s why: Riders need to be able to see what’s behind them, and mirrors provide that critical view.

Without mirrors, a rider would have to constantly turn their head around to check for traffic, which would not only be tiring, but could also lead to accidents. Another reason is that many riders use their mirrors as a way to check their posture while riding. This is especially important for newer riders who are still getting used to the feel of being on a motorcycle.

By having mirrors, they can quickly and easily make sure they’re sitting up straight and in the proper position. So while there’s nothing stopping you from riding without mirrors, we strongly advise against it. It’s simply not safe or practical.

Does Motorbike Need Mirrors for Mot


Are Mirrors Required on a Motorcycle Uk

No, mirrors are not required on a motorcycle in the UK. However, they are recommended as they can help improve your visibility while riding. If you choose to ride without mirrors, be sure to take extra care to check for other vehicles before changing lanes or making turns.


No, a motorcycle does not need mirrors for MOT. The law only requires that a motorcycle have one mirror on the left side of the handlebars.