Giordano Libero 1.6 Road Bike

The Giordano Libero Road Bike brings the classic Italian road bike style at a much more affordable price. Whether you are a looking for a bike to compete in road racing or to commute to work, it has everything you will need. It combines lightweight design and a rugged wheel package that can produce speed as well as absorb the shock of potholes and other rough roadway conditions.

It all starts with the frame which is handcrafted from 6061 aluminum. This gives the bike its lightweight characteristic and still allows it to be sturdy and durable. For added strength and stability, the front forks are fashioned out of high tensile steel, which also helps them to absorb much of the shock from the roadway.

Most of the rest of the pieces of the bike is made very lightweight alloys including the front, and rear Shimano derailleurs and front/rear side pull brakes. The rest of the Shimano drivetrain which features 16 speeds all combine to help the rider to be able to generate plenty of speed for road racing or to make your daily commute much faster.

The Libero 1.6 Road Bike also features lightweight Vitesse 700c alloy rims and 700c x 25c road tires. These combine to make the bike go fast and handle the potholes that are usually associated with ride a bike on city streets or roads.

The Giordano Libero 1.6 Road Bike is available in small, medium and large sizes. Pricing Varies Considerably on the different size, but they all qualify for free shipping at my favorite store. Small or 50cm made for people 5’1’’ to 5’8”, Medium or 56cm made to fit people 5’8” to 6’ and Large or 61cm made for people over 6’.  It also comes in a Giordano Libeforo 1.6 Mens and a Giordano Libero 1.6 Womens version and even one for boys and girls.

Giordano Libero 1.6 Road Bike Review 

Giordano Libero 1.6 Men's Road Bike-700c
  • The bike weighs 23-pounds based on the size you purchase
  • Another emphasized feature is that the double water bottle mounts which are Ideal for those long days of biking
  • The fork and framework include a limited lifetime guarantee
  • The sturdy but lightweight frame makes the true Libero very straightforward to the excursion.
  • Inevitably an incredibly durable and attractive layout
  • Buy it readily with a reasonable price
  • Wheels are an ideal match for demanding roads and assembly was simple.
  • The brakes nay not feel very receptive, especially to fast riders
  • Some of the proficient cyclists have criticized the libero uses an entry-level shimano derailleur system.


I was seeking a trusted street bike that wouldn't cost a lot of when I stumbled on this one. It's priced at below 500 bucks although distinct retailers appear to have their particular cost the main point is that the cost won't be over 500. Compared to other bicycles I discovered in precisely the same cost range, this one appeared to be considerably better regarding functionality and endurance.

For those that are still in the process of determining if biking is something that they would like to do, then this functions as a fantastic entry level road bike.

The Frame of the Bike

The Frame Of The Bike

The handmade frame of this Giordano Libero 1.6 guys' bike-700c is constructed from aluminum with a derailleur hanger that's replaceable. The 6061 aluminum that's used to produce the framework is durable and rust-resistant and might just get grazed with competitive scratching. Essentially, the framework creates the bike feels sturdy once you ride it to the street. This powerful framework guarantees you of its strength too.

The Fork of the Bike

The fork of a bicycle is that portion of the bicycle that's typically under much strain and pressure and consequently must be strong. Regarding the Giordano bicycle, the fork is constructed from high-tensile steel. The steel used at the fork adds a little bit of weight to the bicycle, but this does not allow it to be massive. Its overall weight stays at 23 lbs.

The bike is carefully designed

Giordano Libero 1.6 road bikes were created with three main aspects in your mind; efficacy, durability, and security. Its framework is machined in the 6061 aluminum, a solid material. It is the strength of the material that provides this bike with exceptional strength and durability properties. It weighs approximately 24 lbs, which makes it a fantastic alternative while riding along hilly paths.

The bicycle has an incorporated Shimano drive-train comprising 16 rates that are diverse using shifters. By changing these rates, you can ride your bike along various streets. As an example, the rates can be varied according to electricity requirements or the character of the roads. This makes it suitable to use smooth, rough and scenic roads.

This boosts the operation of shock absorbers also, particularly in demanding streets. The Giordano Libero 1.6 bicycles can be found in a variety of models and colors. Thus, they do not restrict cyclists in regard to selecting the proper bike. Whether you're a man or a woman, you will undoubtedly receive your version. This bicycle isn't just made for adults, but also for youngsters. Hence it is called a household product.

Moreover, the bicycle is composed of a double water bottle mount. That is the reason it's a smart selection for long distance biking since water will probably be always on standby if you happen to feel dehydrated throughout your experience. Its fall handlebars ease a shallower riding place.



Whenever you're going to be riding on the street, equilibrium is an integral facet of security. The handlebars will need to be reliable and secure enough that you trust it with your weight. The bars around the Giordano Libero 1.6 are incredibly stable and tough, yet they aren't uncomfortable, there's soft cushioning with great traction so on an irregular street, the rebound doesn't hurt the palms, and the curved grips give better traction if you're going quickly.


If you're concerned about dimensions, believing you could be too little or too large for this street bicycle, do not. Giordano Libero 1.6 comes in 3 distinct sizes to match the typical kinds of men. There's just the small, medium and big and many guys fit within that class unless you're small or very large, but I believe even Basketball players such as Shaquille O'Neil can match on the big. You can see the company's guide to understanding which one could be most suitable for you.



This Giordano version is surprisingly excellent from the box. Once it performs well following a tune-up, the shifters, gears, tires, seat, and other elements work terrific. Many bicycles of the caliber and price don't always offer such fantastic quality parts. This is a definite plus.

The sole downside of the model is that the wheels. Breaking is half the biking and also an essential part of biking. This is an affordable update and will improve the performance and level of your bicycle immediately.

The framework is in fantastic form. Overall, the performance of the road bike is superb.

How do you shift the gears on the Giordano Libero 1.6 men’s road bike?

This bicycle includes the Shimano 2300 incorporated shifters, which are occasionally called "brifters." If you are not utilized to riding a bicycle with them, then altering the gears may not come quickly to you. Luckily, it's simple to accomplish. And should you would like to move into a bigger ring, and then you have to click on the small switch on the interior of the brake hood.

For many riders, this is right alongside your thumb. Wish to change up? If that's the case, this is the way you do it with this bicycle: on the left side, then push the brake lever on the correct; on the ideal side, then click on the thumb switch. Wish to change down? If that's the case, this is the way you get it done on this bicycle: on the left side, then click on the thumb switch (probably double); onto the ideal side, then push the brake lever on the left side.

What I Like and Dislike About This Bike

If you're not sure if biking will be something, then that guys Giordano Libero street bike makes a fantastic starter bike for the price. It's a low affordable cost and provides a few excellent qualities plus a decent. And that is all you want to ascertain when this will be a hobby for you or not.

What I Like And Dislike About This Bike

The bicycle comes with an attractive layout but is only available from the red/white color combo. Plus, it's some good elements that get the work done. Nevertheless, they aren't the most beautiful parts that money can purchase. If you have ever ridden a more expensive bike, then you'll instantly observe that the brakes with this you are not as exact, and the changing isn't quite as simple.

That having been said, the wheels and shifters work well, but they are not as good as they are. Granted, in a higher cost, you can find a top of the line bicycle with those very top of the line parts.

When you have the bike. You'll love how easy it's to gather. And, better yet, it's so unbelievably lightweight. I find this burden of bicycle perfect for climbing mountains. When it is all set together the very first time, you're probably going to notice that among those Derailleurs is somewhat off.

This is a frequent problem with this bike. That is why you must bring it to the regional bike store to get a fast tune-up before going riding it out. Once corrected, the shifting needs to be a breeze.

User review

Outstanding entry level bike

I needed an entry level road bike and moved around to a couple of LBS in my region and at the least, I had been quoted for a bicycle was 1,200. Brakes are the very first thing I'd change. I am 5' 6' using a 28" inseam, and the little was nevertheless somewhat large for me. Fantastic bike for the purchase price!

9/10, would buy again

Enjoy it, I have had something for more than a year now and never had significant difficulties with it until now where I needed to replace the inexpensive pedals. The fractures are not as dominant as they ought to be for the rate this bicycle pumps out, but it will get the work done and also the chair can be very uncomfortable and requires a while getting used to. That is pretty much All of the criticism I will reasonably provide this bike, it is my first street bike, and it is awesome

Giordano Libero 1.6 review

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Question: How can I understand the right size framework for my height?

Answer: The producer printed suggested size frame based upon the biker's height and endured over.

If your height is inside 5' 1" into 5' 8" having an ordinary stand over 28" to 30", then you ought to find the little 50 cm/20.

If your height is inside 5' 8" to 6'0" having an ordinary stand over 30" to 32", then you ought to find the moderate 56cm/22.

If your height is inside 6' 2" into 6' 5" using an ordinary stand over 33" to 35", then you ought to find the big 61cm/25.

Question: how light is your bicycle?

Answer: It is remarkably lightweight with 23 pounds alloys combined. It means less drag speed was mainly trekking elevated or rough trails.

Question: Do the Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s bike ready for a tour?

Answer: It's entry-level though it doesn't necessarily mean that you cannot ride it together with all the more specialist bikes. The bike was created for entry-level bikers that have a small budget. Every biker desires their bicycles to trek a tour's path   so that you can!

Final Thoughts

The simple fact that Giordano Bicycles Company creates the bicycle must inform you that it's an excellent bike. Giordano Bicycles is a reputable bikes company which produces a vast array of quality bikes customized for nearly everyone.

The bicycle is excellent for almost anybody even the novice cyclists who want a real bike that's not complex such the more sophisticated bikes intended for the expert cyclists. The plan of this bicycle can be so striking and stylish, offering it a contemporary bicycle swagger.

Assembling it might take roughly 30 minutes, but if you're not a specialist in tackling bicycles, it might be best to make it into a professional bike dealer who will help you construct it readily.

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