Just how to Ship a Bike If the size of your bike when loaded…

Shipping a bike with Luggage Mule is so simple, quick and convenient. Our bicycle shipping service means that you can travel to a destination hands-free knowing your bike is going to be delivered in time. The Luggage Mule bicycle shipping service ensures your bicycle delivery will probably be there on time to your birth. We request your arrival date to any place on earth and give you the perfect set date to make sure your bike is delivered in time. Bike boxes for transport are seen in several retailers, but Amazon and eBay have some excellent alternatives for bicycle shipping bags and bicycle shipping containers.

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How do I package a bike for shipping?

How Do I Package A Bike For Shipping?

Our low courier prices for transport bicycles mean that you must pack your bicycle in a bike bag, a bicycle box or possibly a simple cardboard box perfect for shipping bikes globally. Our weight limitation for many bicycles is 30kg and our most great size for transport a bike is 130cm x 90cm x 30cm that's a volumetric burden of 70.5kg. But if the magnitude of your bicycle once packed for transport is not the same size, then our bicycle shipping service may accommodate this.

As an instance, if your bicycle shipping box is 140cm x 80cm x 30cm, this dimension is beautiful to journey on our bicycle shipping service since, at Luggage Mule, then we wish to make transport a bicycle as simple and as inexpensive as you can. eBay has some fantastic methods for packaging a bicycle for transport, which is available by clicking here to get some excellent advice on preparing bicycles for transportation.

Taking apart a Bike

Taking Apart A Bike

Know that, you must take apart your bicycle before you're able to ship it. There are not many services which will ship a bicycle whole, and they're usually costly. Fortunately, taking apart your bicycle is simple overall and does not expect a great deal of mechanical understanding.

  • Wear clothing you do not mind getting dirty since there's a high chance you are going to get grease on you when you work.
  • Place the bicycle in a bicycle rack or flip it upside down to eliminate everything but the handlebars.
  • Remove the pedals using a pedal wrench. At a pinch, a typically adjustable wrench will do too. However, each pedal unscrews in another way:
  • The drive-side pedal (from the gears) generally unscrews, counter-clockwise.
  • The other pedal unscrews in reverse, which means you must turn clockwise.
  • Some pedals have an Allen bolt to the outside border which it is possible to unscrew, rather than having a pedal wrench.

Most brakes have a little lever at the center which you lift to unlock. From that point, you might want to unscrew this component (called the skewer) to get off the wheel. Just grip the skewer on a single side as you loosen the flip hand (counter-clockwise or "lefty loosey") before the wheel is readily eliminated.

  • Alter your gears to the bottom ring at the trunk to quickly get the string from the way of the rear wheel.
  • You might want to unhook your fractures to have the wheel away or deflate your tires.
    Remove the faceplate onto the handlebars to take off them. You may view it at the middle of your handlebars if you examine the bicycle straight on.
  • Don't ditch the handlebars or allow the fall quickly, or they might pressure the brake and derailleur cables which are still connected.
  • Reattach the faceplate when you're done, so you don't lose the screws.

Pull out the chair. Most chairs are attached using a fast release the same little lever you may discover in your wheel. Otherwise, there's a little bolt in which the seat post matches the framework which you may quickly unscrew to pull on the whole seat pole out.

It's possible, however, just put them back into the box together with the framework, as they'll fit from the various spaces you have left from the box.

How do I calculate the volumetric weight of my bike box?

How Do I Calculate The Volumetric Weight Of My Bike Box?

Finding the size of your bicycle bag or bicycle box right and prepared for our bicycle shipping service is essential as our low bicycle shipping prices offer you a set cost for a set quantity of bicycle. Our bicycle shipping service allows you to ship a bicycle till a real weight of 30kg but also into some volumetric burden of 70.5kg.

  • Multiply the Length, Depth, and Width of your bike bag or box together – (cm)
  • Then divide that number by 5000 and the figure you will get is the volumetric weight.
  • For example, 130cm x 90cm x 30cm = 351,000. Then divide by 5000 = 70.2 cm3

How to Pack and Ship Your Bike