Exactly how to Size a Bike for a Child Ensure your youngster…

While purchasing a bicycle for the child, it is essential that you understand whether he will feel comfortable after riding it. If a bicycle is too little, he will feel helpless and perhaps even humiliated when sitting. When it's too big, he may be fearful of losing control of the bicycle. Employing overall guidelines for the child's age and leg length can allow you to opt for a bike that is a fantastic fit.

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Kids’ Bike Sizing

Kids Bike Sizing

Ensure your kid can stand across the upper tube of the bicycle with both feet planted on the floor. He must feel comfortable and in control of the bicycle in any way times.

It's not advised that you purchase a bicycle that is too big for a child and have her "grow into it" Doing this can place the kid back concerning driving abilities and confidence. A correctly sized bicycle will probably be more comfortable for children to manage, less harmful and much more enjoyable. And do not forget the helmet.



As stated by the International Bicycle Fund, many kids start riding a two-wheeler bicycle between the ages of 4 and 3, typically with the assistance of wheels. Between the ages of 8 and 4, they have grown satisfactorily in physical agility and coordination to quit using training wheels. But most kids require a bicycle equipped with coaster brakes till they're about five years old because using hand wheels requires coordination and strength. Additionally, a kid must be considering learning how to ride a bicycle, which may not happen until he is ten years old.

Bike Sizing

Bike Sizing

Unlike adult bicycles, which can be sized by seat and frame height, children's bicycles are sized based on the diameter of the wheels. Children's bicycle sizes begin with 12-inch diameter brakes and boost in 2-inch increments, finishing with 24 inches. But, 14-inch and 18-inch diameter brakes are not usually offered.

A Guide to Bike Size by Age

A Guide To Bike Size By Age

The Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative delivers general age recommendations for selecting children's bike dimensions. Generally, kids between the ages of 5 and three may efficiently use bicycles with 12-inch diameter brakes. Children between 4 and seven years old may require 16-inch wheels, 5- to 10-year-olds need 20-inch wheels and children from 8 to 14 years old may require a bicycle with 24-inch diameter brakes. These overall age groups overlap to allow for strength and height differences between human children.

A Guide to Bike Size by Height

A Guide To Bike Size By Height

The International Bicycle Fund advises together with your kid's age and inseam measurement as a beginning point for selecting a bike. The inseam is the period of the leg measured on the interior from crotch to ankle. The ages and inseam measurements overlap to permit human height differences. Considering that the 14-inch and 18-inch wheel dimensions are not commonly sold, should you decide that your kid needs one of these sizes, you're probably going to need to experiment with different dimensions.

How to Size a Bike for Your Child