Northwoods Springdale Womens 21-Speed Hybrid Bicycle 700c Review

It's a Shimano Tourney rear derailleur using 21-speed for quick and responsive gear changing to supply a smooth riding adventure. This bike also has metal rims that are sturdy.

The fenders are terrific for protecting your bicycle from rainwater and dirt. This bike also includes a backpack that's quite helpful for procuring bags, books or other products. Some users noticed that this bike is thick and might not be simple to carry out and in on a train while commuting. Many users enjoy the design of the bike, that has a retro look for it.

Northwoods Springdale Women's 21-Speed Hybrid Bicycle  review

Kent Springdale Women's Hybrid Bicycle
  • Recreational/commuter bicycle with a comfortable upright riding posture
  • 21 speeds using a Shimano Tourney rear derailleur
  • Back rack and fenders
  • This bicycle's wheels are intended to accommodate requirements between a road-bike or cruiser while offering the recreational advantage of being used for all events  even not so friendly weather!
  • To increase the uniqueness and accessibility of the bike, it is even supplied in not just a Womens White but also available in Black for Men!
  • The Springdale 21 Speed Hybrid Bike is designed to support your spine and also a more sensible up-right riding posture to raise both conveniences, besides, to enhance and maintain a more secure position while riding!
  • Northwood's Springdale does not have quick-release wheels
  • Some may assert that 25lbs are too much burden

Lightweight aluminum frame with alloy rims

Lightweight Aluminum Frame With Alloy Rims

In an attempt to improve durability, it has an aluminum material. This substance can also be light in weight which makes portability simple when it's not being used. Additionally, it creates maneuverability simple when it's in use. Accompanying the aluminum framework is 700c wheels which improve relaxation. Don't confuse its lightweight attribute to imply fatigue. This mixture also boasts an outstanding support arrangement.

21-speed variations and Linear pull brakes

21-Speed Variations And Linear Pull Brakes

People are searching for a bike that boosts varying rates while at precisely the same time upholding to security. This bike is going to do just that. It includes 21-speed variants letting you take on various terrains efficiently.

Whether you're riding a flat and level floor or you're taking on a rocky trail, this bike can allow you to maneuver on those paths will facilitate thanks to the attribute. In an attempt to enhance your security, it includes linear pull brakes that enable you to break when need be. They're incredibly useful, which makes it feasible to break during crises.

Alloy rims and linear brakes

Alloy Rims And Linear Brakes

The Springdale hybrid bicycle includes alloyed rims to make certain you receive the best experience from your trip. It's equipped with linear wheels, better called V-brakes, which are ordinarily employed to extreme sports bikes. It follows you'll have the ability to stop using confidence and know that you will be transported safely to another stop sign.

Tackle any weather conditions or street scenarios without needing to be worried about slipping, slipping, skidding, or gliding. The Springdale is a real gentleman in the meaning that it takes care of his women.

Aluminum bike frame and 700c tires

Aluminum Bike Frame And 700c Tires

The framework of the bike is crafted especially to support the body. Its handlebars and chairs are created in such a manner that you are sitting in a vertical position to protect against any posture issues. This does not indicate it is embarrassing - not by a long shot! Its 700c wheels make certain you get a smooth ride on any street, and you don't need to think about any lumps that may pop up along the road.

The wheels and framework together to provide you optimal functionality so you can manage those nasty potholes and catchy bends at each other turn... and you also get to appear great doing it.

What benefits have buyers appreciated about this Northwoods Hybrid?

Among those interesting selling things for this particular bicycle is your comfortable upright riding posture. For the most part, buyers appear to enjoy the comfort amounts of the bike and revel in riding it around town - there are some that state that the chair is "super comfy."

The bicycle includes a 21 speed Shimano Tourney rear derailleur, and you will find positive remarks concerning the strength of this structure and the other components such as the wheels and suspension. The Issue with this rocky nature is It Can cause some difficulty for female users.
What Benefits Have Buyers Appreciated About This Northwoods Hybrid?

The bicycle's purpose - to get short-term riding and tiny commutes - does, however, mean that it could not have the ability to keep those relaxation amounts across extended distances. Due to its function, there's also a practical component to this commuter bicycle with the addition of the back rack for storage and some buyers have updated further with the addition of a basket into the front, they say goes brilliantly with all the retro design.

The word "recreational commuter bicycle" signifies that buyers shouldn't have too high an expectation concerning the operation. This is quite much built as a classic bike for girls to use to get around the city. Nonetheless, there are several additional features which should give it a bit more edge than a few of gentler street bicycles.

Why should you buy it?

Besides being cheap, you can rest sure of comfort and quality. It is attractive also. You will be pleased to show off this bicycle to your friends and classmates. Few improvements will make a difference. This bicycle offer premium quality components plus striking metal rims.

Why Should You Buy It?

Going off and on the streets at 21 gears, you are going to receive the very best experience courtesy of Shimano. For this, you do not have to secure more than one bike. The model gives into attributes. You probably search for contemplating different road paths.

Again, the aluminum framework makes it mild. Consequently, if you're after the real meaning of relaxation, then this bicycle is a fantastic selection. And since it includes a vertical framework, it retains your body so that you'll feel suitable even using a long hour drive. It might not be an ideal bicycle. I suppose even other bicycles have some defects. The most crucial issue is that it suits your requirements and you may discover quick answers to handle issues.

What to Watch Out For Before Buying This Bike

In regard to things to look out for, it's hard to understand precisely what to record since there are not many complaints that individuals left from the testimonials for your bicycle. Any facet of owning the bicycle which they did whine about seemed to be user mistake or isolated events, which did not ring any alerts during our study.

Nonetheless, in the interest of equity here are a few of the complaints that we had about this bicycle.

What To Watch Out For Before Buying This Bike

Some people said the brakes were very squeaky and many others were worried that they had difficulty finding parts. The wheels can be broken up in, and together with Shimano building a massive section of the components in the bike, locating replacements (in case you cannot get them out of the Northwoods) ought to be simple to discover by calling Shimano.

One thing that needs to be noted is that this isn't the lightest bike on the planet and if you're using it to sail and will need to carry it up staircases or haul it about, there can be other bicycles better suited to your requirements. The shipping weight for this bike is 44 lbs so that you are likely to assume that the burden of the bicycle itself is at least 30.

User Review

Great affordable commuter bike

The bicycle was delivered in five days, which was phenomenal. I've ridden it to work and back for a week, and it's a comfortable, great looking bicycle. The only small problem I needed to conquer with the bicycle proved to be a bent derailleur bracket that probably occurred in transit, but I bent it back rather readily. I had reservations concerning the twist grip gears as I'm utilized to dominate levers. However, they are comfortable and simple to use. In general, I'm quite delighted with this bicycle.

Northwoods Springdale Women’s 21-Speed Hybrid Bicycle, 700c

We ride greenways collectively but ride a mean of 26. Miles at one time. This framework is lightweight aluminum we did some updating of parts, but for the cash, this is a superb all-around bicycles four your cash.

Another beautiful thing about this bike is that it's a taller framework acceptable for adults. Most department store bicycles have smaller frames state about 17 inches. Too little for many ordinary to tall adults. You can not purchase the frame, this inexpensive also its got 700 wheels.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Question: How much weight does this bicycle support?

Answer: This Bike has the capacity of holding approximately 205 lbs comfortably without straining it.

Question: Can I fix the chair of the bicycle? I often find it hard to discover a chair that's comfortable.

Answer: You can adjust the height of the chair to meet your needs, needs, and preferences thus ensuring that you stay comfortable.

Question: what's the size of this bicycle's frame?

Answer: The frame is 16 inches measuring from the bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube.

Final Thoughts

Well, certainly without a doubt this bicycle is a masterpiece by Northwoods and has a broad customer base that's telling us this bicycle indeed deserves to be on the very top. So, without giving any debate, we'd suggest the Northwoods Springdale hybrid because not only is it economical but besides, it supplies you will all of the essential stuff in a manner that it lasts for the long term.

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