Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike Review

This street bike is somewhat different from many other road bicycles because unlike other street bikes that typically have several gears for cruise rates it just has the single equipment. The bicycle also has wider tires in contrast to different varieties of road bicycles, which generally have narrow tires intended to decrease the resistance between the street and the tires.

Road bikes are often made for cyclists who like touring countryside or cities on well-paved streets. This bike is useful for men and women that generally commute daily from house to their various destinations, e.g., offices or schools. The Takara Kabuto Road Bike is a fantastic street bike, which can allow you to maneuver around in town quickly.

The simple fact that Takara Kabuto Bike doesn't have multiple gears creates its maintenance a whole lot easier than other street bicycles which have several speeds. The bicycle only wants the first kind of upkeep and also the fantastic thing about it's you could ride it whenever even during times of inclement weather. The bicycle owns what's known as the drivetrain efficiency in contrast to the other kinds of multiple equipment bikes you'll discover in the markets now.

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike Review

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike
  • Single-speed commuter street bike
  • Tig-welded steel framework and Fork; metal rims with the metal hub; metal side pull Brakes
  • It comes at an extremely affordable price.
  • It is readily updated to a multispeed street bike in the event necessary.
  • Merely is so easy to construct.
  • The bicycle's tires are big and much thicker than a standard road bicycle's tires something that provides riders improved relaxation.
  • Although it's just a single speed road bike, it moves quickly.
  • The bicycle can match riders that are even 6 feet tall.
  • The company supporting the street bike has a fantastic client service that's only so prompt in handling client's problems punctually.
  • Characteristics just one equipment, which makes it not an excellent selection of riders that prefer to change whether biking.

Sleek Design

It's offered in many different vibrant colors which a client can pick from. Besides that, it's made from reliable and durable handmade steel frame. The steel structure makes sure your bike can handle rough terrains with no harm.

You may elect to ride on rough roads or terrains like gravel without needing to be worried about the way your bike will perform. To make certain that this version isn't overly hefty, Takara has ingeniously utilized alloy components to attain bike total lightness.



I suppose another advantage of getting the steel framework on the Takara Kabuto is it costs a whole lot less to create. The rest of the parts on this bike are made using various distinct kinds of steel alloys to decrease the total weight of the bicycle, and while it surely is not the most lightweight street bike around, it's going to last more than many of these.

Another cool feature of the Takara Kabuto is that the flip-flop hud layout it offers passengers, this is a substitute for traditionally utilized derailleurs on average road bicycles. They've been included primarily because of how derailleurs aren't needed when you don't have any gears, the advantage of this flop pulse is that no alterations are required whenever you're riding around.

All that's needed to change between the two distinct modes is a straightforward picture of a switch and you are done. This feature is quite helpful and enables easy interchanging involving riding stances, a genuine positive for this particular bike.

Easy to setup

Easy To Setup

As we've already mentioned previously that Takara bicycles are constructed by maintaining one thing thoughts; simplicity of the consumers. Thus, this single speed bicycle is quite simple to install or installation. Besides a thorough user manual, the bike comes with all the essential tools needed for its meeting.

So, users do not need to look for the components. It typically comes built and the consumer has to tweak things a little bit and make one-two staying parts. That is it. Contrary to other bicycles, users do not need to pay bicycle technicians to assist them to set up the components.

If you stick to the rule correctly, then it's a rather straightforward procedure. All you will need is a useful wrench, some spare time and your bicycle's components and you'll be able to prepare the entire thing in a matter of moments even if you've not set up a bicycle before.



Anybody who owns one of those bikes will explain to you how dependable and long lasting there. If Takara Kabuto bicycle, you're considering having a bicycle the Takara only speed is undoubtedly an excellent investment. For the cost where you're getting it, it's specific to outlast other comparable make bicycles of another brand.

Many users are resentful of how the bicycle is heavy when comparing it to other street bicycles. The weight may be a turn-off, but it's, in fact, one of the leading factors to why the Takara is this durable and dependable item. The plan incorporates numerous metal components which are all welded together, which makes it seem thicker than you may have liked.

It's this burden which enables the bicycle to possess this kind of sturdy framework and make it such a reliable alternative for wielding in and from the busy city roads. The steel frames won't be going to tear and wear sometime soon.


Not just the first price of this bike is reduced, however, also the operational cost is also negligible when compared to other bikes on the market. It could be a fantastic idea to put money into Takara bicycles since they won't disappoint you. The expense of building the bicycle, riding the bicycle and keeping up it's extremely low and if cared for, is occasionally zero.

The Frame

The Frame

Its frame is cautiously handmade, which makes it seem more stylish and refined. The framework is constructed from sturdy steel with the horizontal dropout which makes it more durable and robust meaning it's in a position to absorb the strain placed on it from the weight of the rider and the shocks experienced on uneven roads. The steel framework means it cannot readily break because of rough streets and will instead serve quite long.

The Fork

The branch of this bicycle can also be made from the steel hence assuring you of its power and capability to deal with even the roughest of roads. Fork of a bicycle is that portion of this bicycle that typically receives a lot of the shock mainly when you're riding on a rocky road. That is the reason you will find bikes with forks not designed to be powerful enough breaking readily.

User Review

Passes Brooklyn Bike Standards

Massively surpassed expectations. Seeking to replace my Specialized Sirrus which has been stolen and did not have a lot of money. So far it is smooth sailing. Was unsure if spine gear/chain could be softened enough, but it had been on stage. Adjust brake pads/tension so, and you are ready to go. Smooth ride.

A few of pounds heavier than I thought, however, nevertheless wieldy about the shoulder. Saved hundreds of bucks on this installment and it simple enough to update any of those components if you are picky and have little excess money. Most probably new wheels/tires will be your initial update if necessary.

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike Review

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Question: Why does this version come completely assembled?

Answer: No, it doesn't. It comes partially assembled and also a person will have to tighten all screws, place on the tires and seat too. But this practice is quite fast, and you shouldn't take over 20 minutes.

Question: Why do the front tires have a fast release?

Answer: This version is created especially for street usages such as commuting functions and such. It is ideal for small distances. But you can elect to utilize it for extended reach, but its 1-speed alternative may hold you back.

Question: Large and Moderate which models are best to get a 5 ft 4 inches tall bicycle lover?

Answer: Thus, for 5 ft 4 inches tall proper medium size will probably be useful.

Question: What are the dimensions of the ideal tire?

Answer: The bicycle includes 700/32-dimension tires, but it works well with 700/25 measurement tires. Besides, the Kenda plastic tires are great for dry weather however harmful for wet.

Final Thoughts

This is a perfect entry level road bike that newcomer cyclists ought to go for because it comes at a price that's just so wonderful. The bicycle may be used by riders who prefer to sail to their respective destinations daily since it's an excellent heavy-duty road bicycle.

The steel frame that's twig-welded makes the bicycle capable of surviving shocks typically experienced on irregular road sides without causing any breakage in any way. Though Takara Kabuto single speed road bicycle lacks multiple gears a fisher can alter to achieve fantastic rates once the requirement arises, it can reach remarkable speeds.

The handlebar of the bike is constructed from an extreme steel pole that won't bend readily even when a rider is included in a crash. The pedals of this street bike will also be just striking comprising alloy cage with toe clips for maximum traction of your foot. Another Fantastic feature of the street bike is that it's stainless steel spokes that do not rust readily but powerful too.

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