Techno Waffle Frisbee!!!!!!!!!!!

The act of throwing waffles from a moving lorry in a Frisbee-like way, towards a team of ravers. This was first introduced by Curtis Lepore, that is Vine renowned.

When I’m larger as well as have a car I’ll be around the roads throwing waffles and up on my automobile’s roofing system with this remix at max and also dance with my close friends driving. Wondrous electropop collides with understated techno and also stutter-step drum & bass on this comp showcasing electronic music rising stars. 8yThis track is essentially 3 minutes of decline. German manufacturing duo Session Sufferer bring retro beats, refined jazz, and also vintage spirit to the center on their fourth album.

techno waffle frisbee

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frisbee, techno, waffle

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