Whamo Supreme Frisbee

Created a couple of years ago along with the after that UPA these discs each have a distinct ability illustrated on the print of the disc. These discs fly terrific as well as give an excellent starting action for kids in primary school or more youthful. Below is a glow at night from the manufacturers of the original Wham-O Frisbee.

whamo ultimate frisbee

The globe requirement for the sporting activity of Ultimate, and main disc of the USA Ultimate Champion Collection since 1991. With its contoured grip as well as aerodynamic design, the UltraStar has actually set the criterion for quality, consistency and efficiency. These discs are packaged in sets to advertise youth ultimate. We are providing discs individully at an affordable rate to aid get great discs in the hands of young people players.

After that search and add items to the listing. Wham-O Ultimate Frisbee Disc is the most effective known flying disc worldwide and considers only 160 grams. This was a really enjoyable frisbee it goes extremely high but it really thick.

A full sized flying disc that flies great in all conditions. At 175 grams this disc lugs some weight. Enjoyable to throw on a sunny day or the darkest night. Below is a terrific custom art work design on a favorite disc from the makers of the initial Wham-O Frisbee. A full-sized flying disc that flies fantastic in all conditions. Perfect for a game of Ultimate with buddies or family! At 175 grams this disc lugs some weight, making it a great alternative for windy days.

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